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Cemex Spain plant in Alcanar received 3 million euros from the PERTE project for industrial decarbonization. These resources are provided by the Ministry of Industry. This resources are part of a broader initiative in which 19 projects participate with a total sum of 96 million euros within the framework of Line number 1 of the same program.

Cemex intends to contribute to the decarbonization of clinker production process at its Alcanar plant by seeking to centralize the production of compressed air to improve energy efficiency. To achieve this, 14 old compressors will be replaced by two more powerful and efficient units. The plant also plans to increase the use of alternative fuels in clinker production through the integration of fuels derived from waste and biomass.

Earlier this year, the plant also achieved the EMAS certificate for the seventh time. They are the first cement company in Spain to obtain this award, the highest European environmental recognition.

By achieving their seventh renewal of the EMAS certificate, it means that the plant has maintained it uninterruptedly for more than fifteen years. This is a voluntary and international recognition that certifies the plant’s operation as a model of excellence in terms of environmental management beyond what is actually required by laws and regulations regarding sustainability.

Since 2005, the company has periodically validated and renewed this certificate consecutively, having as a priority the protection of the atmosphere, water, soil, the rational use of resources, the reduction and the correct treatment of waste to achieve maximum savings in energy and raw materials.

The plant shows their respect for the planet in every action. They have proved to be respectful of the environment in which they carry out their activity, and also they recognize their responsibility for environmental protection and the continuous effort to minimize the impacts derived from their business. The EMAS uses a verification system that covers the entire production process of a company, which in this case, for cement manufacturing, goes from obtaining the raw materials to the product leaving the facility. This accreditation also confirms the social responsibility and transparency of the company’s activity and processes.

In addition to this prestigious environmental recognition, the Alcanar plant also obtained the ISO 14000. This standard shows that the plant has a certified continuous improvement system in energy matters, which allows structuring, managing and reducing energy consumption, seeking to achieve the maximum efficiency at all times.

Cemex is a global construction materials company that provides high-quality products and services to customers and communities in more than 50 countries.

The company’s commitment its based on the development and marketing of the best solutions in cement, concrete, mortar and aggregates adapted to the particular needs of each client. Furthermore, they strive to create a better future for their employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which they are present, becoming one of the most efficient and innovative construction materials company in the world.

Cemex Spain is one of the main suppliers of construction materials and solutions in the country. They market their products in approximately 80% of the national territory and have an installed cement capacity of 10.4 million tons per year. The company has 5 cement plants, 36 concrete plants, 12 aggregate quarries, 8 maritime terminals, 4 mortar plants and 19 ground distribution centers.

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