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Titan Group, a global producer of cement and construction materials, and Sinoma CBMI, a global leader in cement technology and engineering systems integration, have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This memorandum has the purpose of exploring new business opportunities and drive technological innovations aimed at the decarbonization and digitalizing the current cement manufacturing process.

Sinoma CBMI CEO, Tong Laigou, said that their main objective is to strengthen the cooperation bond with Titan Group on topics related to green and low-carbon development, digital intelligence, and plant operation and maintenance. The alliance marks a new chapter of mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Titan Group Executive Committee Chairman, Marcel Cobuz, said that this partnership with Sinoma seeks to enhance its Green Growth Strategy 2026. Likewise, this alliance will benefit both companies by promoting efficiency on several fronts, taking into account that both share the same goal: Transforming the building materials industry towards a better future with net zero emissions.

Titan and Sinoma CBMI have had a successful history of collaborative work; both companies are keen to deepen their partnership. This has been evident since the joint construction of Titan’s state-of-the-art cement plant in Albania in 2010. ANTEA Cement Sh.A. is one of the largest industrial investments made by Titan Group in Albania. The cement plant, located near Fushe Kruje, has a capacity to produce a total of 1.4 million tons of cement per year. The operation of this plant aims not only to reduce the need to import cement into the country, but also to encourage new investments in housing and infrastructure development, as well as exports.

The current MoU includes areas of collaboration such as low-carbon fuel technologies, cooling technologies, virtual cement technology, digital spare parts storage, modular grinding solutions and carbon capture solutions. The agreement also highlights research and development in data-driven digital manufacturing, logistics optimization, plant automation, waste heat recovery, smart mining technologies and efficient grinding of clay and other complementary cementitious materials.

TITAN Group is a leading international company in the construction materials and infrastructure industry, with a passionate team that is committed to delivering innovative solutions for a better world. With most of its activity in developed markets, the Group employs more than 5,700 people and operates in more than 25 countries, with leading positions in the United States, Europe, including Greece, the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. The Group also has a joint venture in Brazil. Titan has a history of 120 years and has always fostered a family-oriented and entrepreneurial culture for its employees and works tirelessly with its customers to meet the modern needs of society while promoting sustainable growth with responsibility and integrity. TITAN has set a net-zero emissions target for 2050 and their CO₂ reduction goals are validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The company is listed on Euronext and the Athens Stock Exchange.

CBMI Construction Co., Ltd. is a world-leading industrial engineering company specializing in the cement industry with a history of 65 years; the company belongs to the China National Building Material Group. CBMI is a core member of SINOMA International Engineering. The company has promoted the EPC model for cement plant construction since 1999 and has built more than 100 cement plants worldwide since then. Most of its projects since 1999 are located overseas, covering Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Currently, 100% of CBMI’s businesses are located abroad China. CBMI is now deeply involved in the decarbonization of the cement industry and is participating in several major CCS projects in Europe. CBMI’s 13 global branches around the world provide to all their customers with on-call services.


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