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Cementos Melón and Freehill Mining Ltd. in Chile

Freehill Mining Ltd, an Australian company, gained a purchase order from Cementos Melón from Chile with a gross sales value of approximately US$185,000. This purchase order includes the supply of the material for the Melón cement plant in Coquimbo from the Freehill plant located in the Maule Region, Chile. Delivery of this material will begin in mid-March 2024.

This purchase order represents for Freehill’s its largest single purchase since they started operations at Yerbas Buenas under its new contractor in August 2023. They are also currently negotiating a longer-term supply contract with Melón in order to secure larger volumes that would be delivered over several months. These negotiations are ongoing.

Freehill has been developing new materials in its plant, looking to meet the demand cement and construction companies in Chile. They have even acquired a state-of-the-art materials processing plant which has given their customers greater confidence that they are able to supply greater volumes of material for their projects.

According to Ben Jarvis, non-executive president of Freehill, the purchase order with Melón is a very important step in order to expand the activities of its plant in Yerbas Buenas. Over the past six months, Freehill has made several efforts to build trust with its customers in pursuit of being recognized as a reliable supplier with the ability to deliver high volumes of material, thereby increasing its offering.

Melon S.A. has been a customer for our seal solution for rotary equipment for over a decade. Currently, with more than 100 years of operation, this Chilean cement company is one of the most reputable companies in the construction materials industry in Chile. It has four business lines: Melón Cementos, Melón Concretes, Melón Áridos and Melón Morteros, offering innovative alternatives for its different types of clients.