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Cementos Polpaico and its sustainability strategy

Cementos Polpaico is a Chilean company dedicated to the production and supply of cement, considered the largest cement producing company in the country, with an installed capacity of 2.7Mt/y. Its products and services include the supply of premixed concrete for construction sites, the supply of aggregates for construction – such as fine, sand and gravel – and technical consultation services on site.

At Polpaico, sustainability is the ability of a company to adapt to its environment and to face new challenges in the long term, guaranteeing its continuity over time and the success of its business. All of this must involve a holistic and balanced development of society.

As a company that is always seeking to improve its products and services to meet and exceed its customers’ needs and requirements, sustainable development is essential. In this search, the generation of value for all its interest groups prevails, from its shareholders, employees, clients, etc. Sustainability as a strategy is how their business develops and the main goal is to do things right.

In their history as a company, they have adapted to change and have projected themselves effectively into the future, delivering innovative and sustainable products and services for the construction industry and pursuing to be leaders in the industry, generating value for society and the planet.

Since 1944, this company has grown hand in hand with the country and has participated in the most important infrastructure projects in Chile.